Transfers Option To Belfast from Dublin Airport (DUB).

Car Service Options  Dublin Airport To Belfast. 

Transfers Dublin Airport to Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, located 158 kilometres away from Dublin International Airport (DUB). Rides from Dublin Airport (DUB) to the centre of Northern Ireland’s capital usually take around 105 minutes, either by public transportation, taxi transfers or private transfers.

Dublin Airport taxi trips can be costly when travelling to Belfast , with taxi transfers of around €250. However, there are a few less expensive options to get to Belfast City.

Two bus companies, the Aircoach and the Translink, offer multiple daily trips to Belfast with tickets only costing around €16.50 to €17, depending on the bus operator.

How to get to Belfast by taxi from Dublin.

Through the considerable taxi market in Ireland, most taxi drivers try to avoid long-distance rides, such as the Dublin Airport transfers to Belfast, due to the fact that it is time-consuming, and the lack of passengers for their journey back to Dublin city. For this reason, it is highly advised to always book a taxi to Belfast online and in advance. The journey to Belfast from Dublin International Airport takes around 90 minutes to 120 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions.

Taxi transfers from Dublin airport to Belfast

The taxi rate for long distances is €1.80/km or €0.64/min, in slow traffic conditions. The average taxi fare should be around €250 to €280. However, you can find affordable fixed prices when booking a private transfer online, in advance with Airports Direct.

Convenience  of Private Car Service 

Though taking a taxi is the fastest and most convenient option from Dublin Airport to Belfast City, taxi rates can fluctuate. However, nothing beats the comfort of having a private or chauffeur-driven vehicle. Your driver will meet & greet you once you land at Dublin Airport (DUB) and will take you directly to your hotel or accommodation. Having your luggage taken care of and a door-to-door service, especially during long-distance journeys. With Airports Direct you can book your trip online in less than 60 seconds and with immediate confirmation.

Prices for our affordable private transfers to Belfast start at 350e.

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No matter if you prefer the comfort and affordability of a private Transfers from Dublin Airport to Belfast or the luxury of a chauffeur-driven airport car service, our friendly drivers and chauffeurs will make sure they transfer you to your doorstep with courtesy and a smile.

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