What is a difference between a chauffeur and a driver.

Chauffeur and a driver, find out what the real difference is between drivers and chauffeurs. Presumably many of you are wondering what is the dissimilarity? Both terms “chauffeur” and “driver” are used equivalently, which can be confusing. Chauffeurs and drivers main responsibilities are to make certain passengers reach destination promptly and safely. However, no doubt, drivers are not the same as chauffeurs. The contrast between the chauffeurs and a driver is more than a matter of naming — it’s a matter of service quality.
Comprehension the difference between chauffeurs, private drivers, and others driver such as taxi drivers, can help you chose a type of service suit you best. So let’s answer what is the primary difference among a chauffeur and a driver? A chauffeur is a highly trained and licensed professional who is hired to drive a top of the range vehicle, while a driver is simply someone who operates a vehicle. Definitely every chauffeur is a driver, but not every driver is a chauffeur. The fundamental differences between a chauffeur and a driver are:
The class and type of vehicles chauffeurs and drivers provide.

Dress code policy.

Differences in experience and training between chauffeurs and drivers.
Chauffeur smart title suggests, he’s more than the chap behind the wheel. He’s supreme professional who is not only going to get you where you need to go safely.
Opposed to a driver, a chauffeur is there to provide you, not cart you around like luggage — but he will carry your luggage, if you’d like. He’ll get the door for you. Chauffeur will take the scenic route if you wish to see the sights, or he’ll get you directly to your meeting with plenty of time to spare. The choice is always yours.

A professional chauffeur

is also trustworthy. Discrete. You’re an important person. You have a lot of going on. Need to take a personal phone call in the back of the car? That phone call stays private. Our chauffeurs are discreet.
So if you are considering a choice between a driver and a chauffeur, you have to ask yourself one thing:
Do I just want to travel somewhere, or do I need to be treated to a safe and convenient ride.

What is a difference between a chauffeur and a driver?

In alternative words, the chauffeur is much more than just a driver. By definition, chauffeur is a professional who will take you to your destination safely, courteous, comfortably and polished manner. Your smart dressed chauffeur will escort you or your guest to the car park, near the terminal where their spotless modern model of executive or premium vehicle equipped in the Wi-Fi is waiting. The Airports Direct chauffeurs are there to serve you very high standards, to assist you with entering and exiting the vehicle and to carry your luggage if you need so.
For such an above-average service, most ordinary drivers, simply don’t have time for. Ordinary drivers are unable to provide the professional, personal services that Airports Direct chauffeurs can offer.
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