Understanding the differences between Hackneys, Taxis, Private Hire Vehicles, and Chauffeurs

Private hire, taxis, hackney and chauffeur services, know the differences.

Private Hire options in Ireland. 

Due to the increasing number of public transportation options in Ireland, the public and certain media outlets are struggling to understand the differences between different services. The article looks into the distinct attributes of various types of transportation, namely, taxis, private hire cars, minibusses, and chauffeur services. It also covers the fare-charging methods, the type of vehicles that are used, the training that drivers need, and the standards that apply to their profession. This is very important when it comes to choosing a transportation solution.

Hackney and Taxi are not the same, and most people don’t understand the difference between a Hackney and a Taxi. A Hackney is a type of private hire vehicle that only operates in private fleets and requires pre-booking. Taxis can be hailed and use bus lanes, and are identified by a yellow sign on the roof.

Private hire vehicles are not allowed to be hailed from the streets. These vehicles, which are often of varying make and models, must have the necessary licenses and insurance to operate. They do not display the “TAXI” sign, and fare prices are usually fixed based on distance and pre-defined rates. Booking via an operator is required.

A chauffeur service is a type of private hire that provides a more refined experience to its clients. It usually offers high-end vehicles and its drivers are equipped with the necessary licenses to operate. Usually, a fare structure is set based on distance. Additional charges may be applied for certain chauffeur services, such as airport transfers.

When choosing a transportation service, it’s important to understand the differences between the different options so that you can make an informed decision.

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